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Festiwal Sztuki Ludowej 2017 Uczestnicy

"Association culturelle les couleurs d'Algérie"


We are a group of young men and girls in the age of means not reaching the 25 years, we are specialized in the environmental protection and the Sauvarged of the cultural inheritance in music and song traditional of all the Algerian territory.

The Algerian inheritance very known on the international level but was regrettably standardized by the obsolete stereotypes which only superficially reflect the depth of Algeria of artist of heart. Association, tastes must make to reign a genetic inheritance drawn from the history of the area has the defect its tumults and its passions.

The objective that we assigned is immortalize the traditions of our country and to make him (relive and to know has the defect the cultural exchanges in various the public. With a directory made up of the dances: in let us wish always to be on the level of your great festival and took part another time. Dear Sir to accept the artistic greetings more distinguished .












‘GUDA’ is one of the most famous folk groups of Belarus. The basis of ‘GUDA’s repertoire consists of ritual songs and folk dancing. Nowadays many songs and dancing from the group’s repertoire are out of everyday use already - they have been renewed by ‘GUDA’ group members according to note records during folk expeditions and communication with folk traditions keepers. It makes ‘GUDA’ group absolutely unique…

The history of the group started more than two decades ago in the beginning of the 90th. Some young people - scientists and students - joined their efforts in order to research the ancient history and culture of Belarusian land: experimental research in the realm of archaic singing heritage was a branch of their work. Some ethnographic expeditions have been carried out and the contacts with living keepers of ancient traditions have been established, audio and video recordings have been made. Co-operation with ethnic musicologists and folklorists during long work allowed to single out and to imitate the peculiarities of ancient manner of singing.








The  Cultural  Association  of  Drama  " Our  Origins "


The  Cultural  Association  of  Drama  " Our  Origins " was founded  in  1991.  The  main  purpose  of  this  association  is  the  preservation,  conservation  and the spread  of  our  wealthy  cultural  heritage.

    The  Association  consists  of  approximately  130  members  who  compose  the  dancing  groups.   The  ages  of  the  members  range  from  4  and  5  year  olds  and  up  to  50  year  olds.

   Dance  and  song  is  taught  by  the  dance   teacher  and  the  head  of  the  Association,  Litsa  Tselempi.   Dance  is  also  taught  by  the  dance  teacher  Giota  Papadopoulou.








Do Lusco ó Fusco

Spain - Galicia

“Do Lusco Ó Fusco” was born in 1985 in A Guarda (Galicia, Spain) as a group of folk dance and music directed by Ms. Julia Sobrino Gonzalez.
     From the beginning we started to do performance in southern Galicia and northern Portugal.
     In 1991 the project begins “Encontro dos Pobos” that it is an international folk festival which promotes exchanges with groups of diverse origin. Along these years they have participated in many different of Wales and Cornwall (UK), Brittany (France), Sardinia (Italy), Macedonia (Greece), Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine as well as in Portugal and Spain. All of them have returned the visit.
"At present, the group has about 50 members from 5 to 60 years, with most young. We can do our festival with the work of all the group, families and friends of the group. To return the visit we travel about 25 to 30 components."







The  Cultural  Association “Salmorena Losareña”


"Salmorena Losarena" was born in Losar of the Vera, people of the North of the province of Cáceres located in the region of the Vera, in the year 1993.

Salmorena Losareña takes in her repertoire songs and dances of all Extremadura, although to a greater extent, in the region of la Vera, where the group it originated, which in different circumstances is a land rich in folklore.

The group consists of more than 40 adults, with a school dance, in which there are 25 boys and girls that make up the children's group.

Every year, the Group organizes in Losar de la Vera International Folk Festival of Losar, which have seen many countries showing their culture and traditions through dance and music









The folk ensemble”Orce Nikolov”


The folk ensemble”Orce Nikolov” from  Skopje-Macedonia was formed  in 1945, to foster and present in a artistic way folk dances, songs, instruments and costumes from Macedonia.During this time it has achieved great success in the field of folk art, earninga world- wide reputation.

The folklore is the cultural message from the past generations, until the present. It’s cherishing of folklore represent only a study of past just establish of uninterrupted link of the present, past and future.

The cherishing of folklore represents preservation of the prettiest  that this people has created on this  premises,  sublimating it’s talent to the rich traditions of the cultures with which it came in contact, and it that way creating an opus that provoked admiration and respect in the world.Since its beginning, the ensemble has had more than 10.000 members. Today the most of them are professional folk musicians, singers, dancers- that have become national stars.

The folk dances in Macedonia feature elegant movements, exciting rhythms and a sensibility arising from the soul of a nation.







The folklore ensemble ČAČINARE


The folklore ensemble ČAČINARE was established in 2009 years. It works in town Spišská Nová Ves – situated in eastern part of Slovakia, capital of region Spiš. It is young group, but the group´s members have a lot of experiences with different folklore dances, performances and festivals, because all group´s members did work sometimes in different folklore groups in our region.

In the beginning of group´s establishment the ČAČINARE had 30 members, in these days has more than 50 members. The overage of the ČAČINARE is 37-38 years from 16 – 62 years old. The group consists of three components: dancing, singing and musical. Yearly has group 20 – 25 performances.















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